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My ways

My path goes through different routes. Painting and writing I like to do. Also organizing exhibitions and organize or participate in art projects belongs to my passion. I also have great interest in engineering and project management.


Before I started my path in painting, I studied Material Science and Engineering at the Technical University in Delft. I attended several courses in that time, including at Willemijn Bouman and at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. After completing my study I switched to training visual arts at the Royal Academy of Arts (2001-2006). During my art education I found my way more and more in painting.


In my work I'm searching for a new relation between man and nature.

In the painting emotionality and rationality come together harmoniously. During my winter trips in Finland I wander through compact, often (dark) needle forests. Suddenly, I found mymself in the clear light of the bare birch forests. Or I muse on the edge of one of the many huge lakes in Finland. It are these experiences which brings me back to Finland. And it is It is this wondering about the purity of nature that I like to study in my paintings. Closer to home, I often found on the Dutch coast.

I translate nature in poetic and fragile paintings. They seem intuitively established, but are the result of an intensive search by formal means as line, color and field division.


Oil- and acrylic

My paintings are multilayered. The Works are build layer for layer. Most of the time in transparant layer. Sometimes a painting has 20 layers. By working in layers the painting gets a beautiful and bright palette of colour. The first layers are often even colour layers which is the underpainting. This underpainting gives the input for the painting by shape and colour.

Most of the times I work with oil and acrylic paint.